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#MarriageMonday – Being a Woman is Not a”Supportive” Role

I was raised in complementarianism. I never knew anything else. I didn’t know that term at all. But, I was raised in the belief system that men are the ‘heads’…the ultimate authorities, the ones in control, the ones the women cater to, the ones with the power. I was raised being taught that those things were God’s way and that the women were to bend to the heads, the women were helpers, the women played support roles.

I’m asked often why I speak out about this…I’m challenged often. I’ve been called a narcissist (see the link). I’ve been called demanding and manipulative. By men AND women. Many remain in the dark concerning this issue…and wonder why I have chosen to ‘harp’ on such a topic.

I finally realized that the knowledge of the damage complementarianism does can be likened to miscarriage…

**You just have no clue how painful it is AND how common it is until you experience it yourself.**

Many walk along basically in a trance. They are just following along with what they are taught. At some point, sadly, that knowledge comes. They realize the damage. They experience it.
For some it is early on…they never could ‘eat the pie.’ For others, the realization comes later.

And, if they are really wise, they learn from others without having to go through a devastating experience themselves. For those with ears to hear, they do hear. They do see. They do realize.

Please…have ears to hear. God’s recipe has no glass.

For many of us, the damage comes within marriage. That is why I am including it here in my segment. Please…have ears to hear. Do not eat the glass.

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1 thought on “#MarriageMonday – Being a Woman is Not a”Supportive” Role”

  1. I’m much the same way – I feel almost like a broken record, only my focus has been how complementarianism marginalized singles or treats them as non-persons given a theology that is fully realized when “two are one” it means that “one is a half”. I’ve been wondering if I should give it a rest … but now more than ever I’m convinced that too many women are silenced because of the Bible and too few speak up for women as it is – being quiet would not serve the silenced.


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