The “Biblical” Patriarchy Movement – #Comptradictions

Today for our #Comptradictions discussion with XianJaneway, we’d like to talk about the “Biblical Patriarchy Movement.”

Since there’s nothing new under the sun, we can be assured that heresies will repeat themselves every few years, or in every new generation—they’ll simply be in a repackaged form. “Biblical Patriarchy” is no exception.

Submission to husbands and fathers, is emphasized. Male-only pastoral authority is a given. Women “delight” in homemaking and in “womanly” skills, like cooking, sewing, decorating, baking, and teaching children. Everyone is encouraged to have large families, homeschool their children, and protect innocent minds from being corrupted by the world.

Congregations that subscribe to this model are assured that they’re returning to time-tested, Biblical, enduring truths. They believe that living this way is returning to God’s created order, and that God will bless it.

Most people are familiar with Biblical Patriarchy through the Duggar Family, which follows the teachings of Bill Gothard. An older Wikipedia page (2012) showed several other men as leaders in the movement: Doug Phillips, Douglas Wilson, and R.C. Sproul Jr.

Only five years later, the men who mobilized Americans into accepting the Gender Role Gospel have been revealed as wolves in sheep’s clothing. They led huge flocks, only so that they could devour choice morsels for themselves.

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