Abuse, Equality, Patriarchy

Advocating for Women: My Why

“Why do you advocate for women? We already have the same rights as men!” This is probably the most asked question I receive – mostly from other women.

I advocate because I want a safer, brighter, and happier future for the next generation of women. Society still thinks a woman’s “place” is in the home taking care of a husband and kids. I advocate to help create a world where women have the choice to stay home or have a full-time job – or to choose whatever she wants to do with her life. We should be fighting for equality. I believe women and men have the same rights legally. But, women do not have the same human rights as men. Get out of into the world and your eyes will be opened to the turmoil, abuse, pain, and shame women face at the hands of fathers, brothers, uncle’s, pastors etc IN THE UNITED STATES. Also, just because we technically have legal rights doesn’t mean we are necessarily equally accepted/included in our  – dominantly male run – country.

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