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The Lonely Journey: My Search to Find Women of Color in the Bible

The Bible is the mirror image we are to look in daily to be reminded who we are and whose we are. It is crucial that our leaders look into this mirror and tell us ALL of what they see. Because these stories are the DNA and legacy the next generation of world Christians will be carrying. I desire the greater church to find their inheritance and identity in Christ more than I was ever given opportunity, as a young woman of color, throughout my biblical pursuit and training. In order to do that, I believe church leaders will need to see themselves as the appointed Storytellers they are. Telling the full story of Jesus that includes women who bore many colors.

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The Choice Between God and Disobedience – A Look Into the Life of a Stay At Home Daughter

By limiting a girl’s education and teaching her this toxic, oppressive theology, it creates a perfect storm that makes it very difficult for a SAHD to escape—even as a grown woman. By leaving or rejecting this ideology, women (and men) risk losing entire families, church families/support, community with people they have known their whole lives—it is a form of excommunication.

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Women Pastors: The Issue with Respect and Honor

Today I'd like to share some experiences of my own to shed some light on how sometimes women pastors are not treated the same as male pastors. If you are also a woman leader, I would encourage you to share your own stories in the comments below.

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Advocating for Women: My Why

"Why do you advocate for women? We already have the same rights as men!" This is probably the most asked question I receive - mostly from other women. I advocate because I want a safer, brighter, and happier future for the next generation of women. Society still thinks a woman's "place" is in the home taking… Continue reading Advocating for Women: My Why