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#MarriageMonday: My Journey Into Egalitarianism

I’ve shared bits and pieces of my own personal story here and why I’m so passionate about spreading the dangers of complementarianism. My husband and I went through a very, very dark period of 5 years. We had always functioned as a team. And then, because of complementarianism in our lives (we had no idea… Continue reading #MarriageMonday: My Journey Into Egalitarianism

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#MarriageMonday – Being a Woman is Not a”Supportive” Role

I was raised in complementarianism. I never knew anything else. I didn't know that term at all. But, I was raised in the belief system that men are the 'heads'...the ultimate authorities, the ones in control, the ones the women cater to, the ones with the power. I was raised being taught that those things… Continue reading #MarriageMonday – Being a Woman is Not a”Supportive” Role