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Jealousy is Not Romantic – by Charlie Grantham

Often in our society, male partner jealousy is romanticized. When men are aggressive, controlling, and jealous, it is seen as just another way to express their "love" for their partner. This is often portrayed in popular movies, books, and television shows as an attractive quality in men. I have heard women with controlling and jealous… Continue reading Jealousy is Not Romantic – by Charlie Grantham

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13 Signs You Are Probably In An Abusive Relationship

This is my story. A part of my life that held many mistakes, much pain, and heartache I never knew possible. A part of my life I am not proud of. It is a part of my life that God has redeemed, restored, and forgiven me for as well as brought complete healing to me… Continue reading 13 Signs You Are Probably In An Abusive Relationship

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Focusing on Your Role is Not Enough

Has anyone else heard from complementarians that it's not the husband's job to make his wife submit to him, that he's just to lead with following Christ and a godly wife will follow? A godly wife will decide what submission to her husband means. The husband doesn’t tell the wife how to submit, and the… Continue reading Focusing on Your Role is Not Enough

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Equality in Marriage: An Unexpected Ramification

I’d like to talk today about one ramification of equality in marriage that may not come easily to many men coming out of a traditional gender role environment. I’ve certainly had to learn this lesson the hard way, and I’m not even going to pretend to have arrived at a state of enlightenment here – more like a daily war of attrition with laziness. I don’t want to project too much, so I’ll talk to myself here, and maybe folks can follow along if they see themselves in my monologue.

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#MarriageMonday: My Journey Into Egalitarianism

I’ve shared bits and pieces of my own personal story here and why I’m so passionate about spreading the dangers of complementarianism. My husband and I went through a very, very dark period of 5 years. We had always functioned as a team. And then, because of complementarianism in our lives (we had no idea… Continue reading #MarriageMonday: My Journey Into Egalitarianism